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Overall Treatment Progress

This is my entire treatment process to date for my ulcerative colitis.

I am not sure if “Indigo naturalis” is effective for other people as well, and I cannot guarantee its effectiveness in any way.

Nov. 2006: Ulcerative colitis develops. Diarrhea continues daily.

2006.12 Starts to bleed and the amount of blood increases.

2007.01 Undergoes endoscopy.

2007.02 Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after endoscopy, blood, and histological examination.

2007.02 Started taking Pentasa (3 tablets x 3 times/day) and Ilicoron (1 tablet x 3 times/day).

2007.03 The patient remains in remission for 2 weeks, but soon relapses.

2007.06 She had diarrhea 5-10 times a day, more than half of them with blood in them.

2008.01 He has no remission at all and lives a dark life.

2008.02 Started using Pentasa intravenous (1 vial/day). The effect is limited.

2008.07 Received ATM therapy from Dr. Okusa at Juntendo University, but it had little effect.

2008.11 He learned about a herbal medicine called “Indigo naturalis” from Kusahami’s blog.

2008.11 Purchased “Indigo naturalis” at “Seishin Shoyakudo Shop” and started a treatment experiment (2g x 3 times/day).

2008.11 After about a week of taking “Indigo naturalis,” the bleeding stopped.

2008.12 The frequency of stools decreased, and the symptoms of constipation appeared once, but recovered.

2009.01 No abnormalities in stools and almost eliminated dietary restrictions.

2009.02 The use of Pentasa is completely discontinued.

2009.05 Endoscopic, blood, and histological examination results show no symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

2009.07 The patient completely discontinues taking “Indigo naturalis”.

2009.11 The patient continues to be in remission.

2009.11 Due to diarrhea and soft stools for 2 days, “Indigo naturalis” was taken (0.5g x 2 times/day).

2010.01 Since the end of the year, the patient was able to maintain a state of remission, so the dosage was reduced. (0.5 g x 1 time/day).

2010.02 Completely stopped using “Indigo naturalis”.

2010.07 Endoscopy results confirmed almost complete healing.

2010.12 Maintain complete remission.

2011.04 Resumed taking “Indigo naturalis” due to persistent diarrhea.

2011.05 The patient is again in remission. He takes “Indigo naturalis” as soon as possible when he eats or drinks too much.

2011.07 Endoscopy. Slightly worse than last year’s examination.

2011.07 Resumed taking Pentasa just in case.

2011.08 Changed the timing of taking “Indigo naturalis” to on an empty stomach (before breakfast or meals).

2011.08 The change in timing of taking “Indigo naturalis” was successful, and complete remission was achieved.

2011.12 Maintained complete remission.

2012.02 Skipped breakfast (or plain yogurt only) to rest the gastrointestinal tract and prevent metabolic syndrome.

2012.03 Weight dropped about 5 kg from the peak, stools were taken once a day, and complete remission was maintained.

2012.12 Signs of flare-up (some bleeding).” Indigo naturalis” was resumed and she recovered within a week.

2013.03 Maintained complete remission. Has not had diarrhea for a long time.

2013.04 Continued diarrhea due to antibiotics taken for a cold, with signs of flare-up (some blood loss).

2013.04 Resumed “Indigo naturalis” and it resolved in less than a week.

2014.12 Relapsed due to overdrinking, but “Indigo naturalis” was resumed and the symptoms resolved in less than a week.

2016.12 Flare-up due to excessive drinking, but resolved in less than a week after restarting “Indigo naturalis”.

2018.04 Slightly worsens, but resolves in less than a week after resuming “Indigo naturalis”.

2022.07 The disease slightly flares up again, but resolves within a week after resumption of “Indigo naturalis”.


This is a picture taken at the endoscopy on 2009.05 (first complete resolution).

Thanks to “Indigo naturalis,” the blood vessels in the intestines, which were red and sore at first, became transparent and completely healed.





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