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How to take “Indigo naturalis

I would like to summarize my personal effective method of taking “Indigo naturalis” for ulcerative colitis.

I have summarized it under the condition that I would take “Indigo naturalis” for the first time in the future, based on my past taking process, comments I have received, and information about the Chinese herbal medicine prescribed at Hiroshima Clinic Kannon (now transferred to Sky Clinic). This is my personal opinion. I do not guarantee the effectiveness or assume responsibility for side effects.

Dosage frequency Twice a day (it would be better to start with once a day before bedtime)

Dosage timing Before breakfast & bedtime

Dosage Approximately 0.5g per dose (about 1/4 of a small teaspoon as shown in the picture)

How to take

Drink a mouthful of water, put “Indigo naturalis” in the mouth, and pour it down in one gulp.

If there is no effect, increase the dosage up to 1g twice a day, up to 1g per dose, if there are no side effects.

In my case, the bleeding stopped in 1 week and completely resolved in about 2 weeks. It seems to have been quite effective in more than 90% of the comments I received.

Side effects In my case, the only side effects were constipation and the resulting dull pain in my abdomen. Some of the comments I received were headache and fever. According to Kusahami’s information, liver values may worsen. I think it is better to get regular checkups and blood tests by a doctor.

Where to buy “Seishin Shoyakudo Shop” where I bought it is the cheapest so far. Comparison of Indigo naturalis (in order of lowest total price)

Indigo naturalis” is an herbal medicine (it is not approved as a pharmaceutical product, so it is a food product). No one, including myself, can guarantee its use for ulcerative colitis. Please use at your own risk.


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