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Treatment experiment “Indigo naturalis” on Day 357 – Toward a complete cure of ulcerative colitis

No problems today. My ulcerative colitis is completely silent.
Come to think of it, it’s been three years since the onset and one year in 10 days since the remission.
It seems like a long time or a short time. Well, since I’ve been in remission, I hardly think about my illness except when I update my blog, so it seems like a very short time.
2006.11 Developed ulcerative colitis. Diarrhea continues every day.
2006.12 Started bleeding and the amount of blood increases.
2007.01 Undergoes endoscopy.
2007.02 Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after endoscopy, blood, and histological examination.
2007.02 Started taking Pentasa (3 tablets x 3 times/day) and Ilicoron (1 tablet x 3 times/day).
2007.03 The patient remains in remission for 2 weeks, but soon relapses.
2007.06 Diarrhea continues 5-10 times a day, more than half of them with blood in them.
2008.01 He has no remission at all and lives a dark life.
2008.02 Started using Pentasa intravenous (1 vial/day). The effect is limited.
2008.07 Received ATM therapy from Dr. Okusa at Juntendo University, but it had little effect.
2008.11 He learned about a herbal medicine called “Indigo naturalis” from Kusahami’s blog.
2008.11 Purchased “Indigo naturalis” at “Seishin Shoyakudo Shop” and started a treatment experiment (2g x 3 times/day).
2008.11 After about a week of taking “Indigo naturalis”, the bleeding stopped.
2008.12 Started this blog.
2008.12 The frequency of stools decreased, and once I showed symptoms of constipation, but recovered.
2009.01 No abnormalities in stools and almost eliminated dietary restrictions.
2009.02 The use of Pentasa is completely discontinued.
2009.05 Endoscopic, blood, and histological examination results show no symptoms of ulcerative colitis.
2009.07 The patient completely stops taking “Indigo naturalis”.
2009.11 The patient continues to be in remission.

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